Project Management Certification Training Boot Camps And Courses

thinking of enrolling in schoolProject Management Professional (PMP) boot camp program is one among the most valued credentials in the project management boot camp industry. Earning this certification demonstrates a rock-solid foundation of experience and competency managing various projects. Most companies in different industries require this recognition guide due to the growing need for project managers. The PMTI is truly global, unlike other free training guide recognition which solely focuses on one domain. As a certified PMI, you can work in various training industries, with any practice and in any country.

Like other fields, there’s a membership association in place for PMP training. The association is known as Project Management Institute (PMI). Considered the leading professional association for Project Management training, PMP is a universally recognized project management institute credential. In addition, the PMP Certification Program is the very first certification to receive ISO 9001, the world’s most recognized mark of a quality management system. If you want to make a career out of project management, then this free PMI review will answer all your questions regarding the Project Management Professional training.

Why do I need project management preparation?

achieving success in managingPMP institute certification boot camps and training can strengthen a resume, and can make the difference between obtaining a job as a project manager and getting rejected in favor of another candidate. What’s more, most employers today require certification, and won’t offer jobs to non-recognized or best candidates available. PMI certification holders work in almost every industry, from telecommunications, finance, and healthcare to construction and IT. Employers also benefit from having these boot camps being employed. When more than a third of their project managers are certified, companies complete their projects on time and on budget in the best way possible. Preparing for the exam is one of the most important thing through this whole process and shouldn’t be looked over which is why there are free question banks on the internet for people to practice with.

The days of just having college degrees and high school educations are done, these days you need more than that to get a better job or at least open up opportunities for yourself to land a good career. Many employers these days are looking for exceptional resumes, and those exceptional resumes mostly have this particular participation license from PMTI. If you’re a registered and licensed project manager then you will more likely be noticed by bigger companies that are hiring as it separates you from the thousands of applicants that only have college degrees. Admittedly, times have changed and it has become more difficult to succeed but nevertheless it is still doable if you are willing to work hard to have more things to brag about on your resume. It’s not impossible to land a great job right out of college but having this certificate certainly makes it that much easier as it boosts your leadership credibility and your business knowledge.

Who is best suited for a PMI boot camp?

improving business practicesPMP license online training is an indispensable professional requirement across various industries for online project planning duties of hire caliber. If you are a skilled business manager responsible for all aspects of project delivery, leading PMI teams, then the PMTI course or boot camp is a great choice for you. The institute course will equip you with the skills you need to meet the demands of your employer. With certification training, you can work in almost any industry, with any business management practice and anywhere in the world. This is because indicates that you understand the universal language of project management training.

What are the online PMP course requirements?

To be eligible for the best PMP online training credential, one must meet a number of educational as well as professional experience requirements. One must have a high school degree and a minimum of three years non-overlapping project management experience, during which he/she spend at least 4,500 hours heading and directing business tasks. Or a four-year degree training and a minimum of three years non-overlapping project management online training experience during which 4,500 hours were spent heading and directing projects. Realize that the work experience should be within the last eight years. For tips on how to prepare for these free boot camps, you will have to go online and check the best available guide that is posted on the website. So get ready for an intense coaching on a weekend review crash course with PMTI.

What should you know about the bootcamps and classes?

managing your own companyTo earn your free PMP credential, you must pass an especially designed test that comprises 200, multiple-choice tests. Even if you boast a strong program management background, you need to seriously prepare for the PMI online bootcamp. PMP preparation will allow you to brush-up on whatever you need to pass the testings of the course. The bootcamp is designed to be tough and test your knowledge about various concepts of project management classes.

The difficulty of acquiring the license ensures employers to understand that a candidate with a certification prep possesses a wealth of experience and has enough knowledge of all project planning concepts. A few tips in order to get a clearer view of these free online recognition classes is to enroll in a PMTI crash course to guide you for training, there weekend boot camps that you can register to online. These tips will surely help you prepare for the a grueling tests, coaching, test preps, and training for a weekend in a PMI school. These classrooms are made to instill better learning in the crash course schools, as well as the coaching of the professors at this institute.

What can you do to pass?

As stated, the PMP online training test is 200 questions with a 4-hour time limit. The bootcamp exam is broken down into 5 groups—Planning, Executing, Initiation, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closing. In order to pass the training testing and acquire a training certification, there are a few training routes that you need to take.

Classroom learning remains the most effective way to excel in your bootcamp testings. Whilst costly, PMTI prep class learning offers a serene learning environment. If you are unable to invest significant cash in classroom studying and training, online course can be an excellent option. The drawback of this option is that it is up to you how and when you opt to study. How to prepare for these bootcamps is another thing that you have to pay close attention to.

What next after passing the PMTI prep exam?

organizing efficient project modelsFrom the moment you see the “congratulation” message on the PMI boot camp exam screen, you are a certified for the next three years. PM P license holders must acquire 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) every three years in order to preserve their certification. In order to renew your PMI status successfully, you must accumulate at least 60 PMP PDU. Each PDU is equivalent to 1-hour of PDU activity participation. The cost of renewing the certification is 100$ for non-members and $60 for registered members. Realize that you don’t have to be a PMI or PMI member to maintain your credential.

Once you have the recognition license in your hands, then you’re on your way to having a better career now. Employers all over the world are more inclined to hire venture administrators that have the certification in their resumes to boast. With the training that one has gained through out the course along with difficulty of the exam, one is sure to provide a more excellent understanding of the whole venture business. This is something that can not be bought or acquired in a short period of time, people strive for this achievement their whole lives! Now, it is time for you to make a more productive contribution to your company!

How much does it cost to take weekend training courses?

In order to obtain PMP prep certification you have to throw down some money. To be eligible for exams, you must have taken 35-hours of project management education. Currently, it costs around $405 for PMI members and around $555 for non-PMI members to sit for PMP exam prep. It is possible to join PMI before you apply to take the boot camp prep exam. This will cost you $129 to join and $119 to renew every year. PMI members enjoy several benefits, including access to numerous PMI workshop resources that can help you better prepare for the bootcamp coaching.

Do workshops offer free certification?

practicing work etiquetteIf you are looking to become a certified PM P but don’t have the time to sit in a prep class, online courses can help you reach your goals. What you’ll learn in these online workshops and classes will be aimed at helping you pass your bootcamp examinations. There are a number of recognized and accredited school reviews that you can get into should you opt for this form of learning. These schools offer varying levels of learning with live instructors and interactive video learning on hand to assist you when you get stuck.


Project planning isn’t an easy job. Therefore, if you wish to excel on the PMP prep crash course you are in then enrolling to one of these options is a must. However, it is not required to actually pass the test but it is indeed best to review the free online training beforehand. Employers today will specify that they require PMP workshop certification. Once you acquire a project management professional recognition, you can present it to any employer in the world needing program planners of high caliber and definitely get considered right away. PMI license indicates that you have the education, expertise and experience in project management that not many people have today. Why not get certified today?